Meet New Faculty Member Chris Ingraham

By Olivia Lassiter

Dr. Chris Ingraham stays active both in and outside of the classroom.

Whether it’s running, playing basketball or riding his bike to work, Dr. Ingraham has a passion for being outside. He also cherishes having active and engaging discussions with his students in his Survey of Rhetorical Theory class.

After receiving his doctorate in Communication at the University of Colorado at Boulder last May, he decided to move to Raleigh with his wife and 2-year-old son, Mayer, and accept an assistant professor position in the Department of Communication at NC State. Chris Ingraham 2

Although it’s quite a change transitioning from Colorado to North Carolina, Dr. Ingraham said he likes Raleigh so far, and is beginning to get used to the adjustment.

Dr. Ingraham is also thoroughly impressed with the students at NC State, and appreciates how they are always prepared and are willing to openly share their ideas and passions inside the classroom.

“When I came to NC State, the department stressed the importance of research, teaching and service,” he said. “As a professor, I want to elaborate on these three points and further students’ understanding in research, meet the needs of students and teach them how rhetoric plays a role in everyday life, and help them become more engaged citizens.”

Currently, Dr. Ingraham is writing a book that focuses on how technology allows people to express their views.