Meet Emily Winderman, New Faculty Member

By Olivia Lassiter

Emily Winderman 2

Emily Winderman with her pup, Murray, and husband Atilla Hallsby

When she is not walking her dogs, Murray and Mildred, or enjoying a Sunday brunch of waffles and coffee at Benelux, Dr. Emily Winderman can be found teaching Rhetorical Criticism at NC State.

Dr. Winderman is one of the new, fresh faces in the Department of Communication this year. Upon accepting her job at NC State, Dr. Winderman knew that this is where she belonged. She was quickly impressed with the friendly faculty and how willing they are to go above and beyond for their students.

She is also recently married and is adjusting well to life in Raleigh with her husband, Atilla Hallsby, who is also a professor in the department.

Dr. Winderman said she enjoys Raleigh and loves the opportunity to try new things — especially restaurants. In her free time, she has involved herself in the new, trendy hobby of hot yoga. She considers herself an enthusiast and enjoys the experience because it is both relaxing and humbling.

Dr. Winderman has also thoroughly appreciated her time as a professor at NC State this semester. She is impressed with the students and how they seem to “have it all together.”

Her goals are clear. “I want to conduct socially relevant research involving both undergrads and graduate students, and be the professor that they may not enjoy at the moment, but are thankful for in the end.”

Currently, Dr.Winderman is conducting two research studies that deal with rhetorical issues in feminist science and women’s reproductive health. She is eager to work with students and fellow faculty members on these studies.